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Guest Lecturers and Worshops
Our students in all departments, greatly benefit from various workshops curated and delivered by Industry Professionals giving them a peak into the working of the industry and its dynamics!

Mr. Chetan Jagtap

Mr. Chetan Jagtap is the proud founder of a leading digital creative agency called Inner voice Communication and design. Our students had a privilege to interact with Mr. Jagtap where he briefly spoke about importance of and creativity in packaging. He also conducted a 4 days’ workshop on packaging where he mentored students on a group assignment on packaging.

Miss. Neha Misra Shetty

Miss. Neha Misra Shetty is a wonderful combination of being a designer and an academician. Our students had a great experience to attend a session conducted by her called Learn Unlearn and Relearn. Miss Neha explained the importance of thought process and ideas in design and she also spoke about what is design solution and showed two amazing videos on the same.

Miss. Prajakta Parvatekar

She is a PHD in Visual art and is the principal at Rachana Sansad of Applied Art and Craft Mumbai. She has over the past two decades significantly mentored and guided young talent for the advertising design profession. She has expertise in the field of design education and has been highly appreciated at international and national conferences. She has received global teacher award 2021 which is a testament of has dedication towards the noble profession.

Her sessions on expressive and anatomical study of typography were very informative to the students.

Mr. Chaitanya Gokhale

Mr. Chaitanya Gokhale happens to be pursuing PhD in Indian Script Devnagari Calligraphy and has conducted over 200 workshops till date. For the last 20 years, Chaitanya has explored, researched and developed variations in Devnagari Calligraphy and is associated with several UG and PG design programs. Along with all his other achievements, he has been involved in designing of few smartest cities aesthetically. Our students got to learn from his experience on a personal level in this workshop.

Mr. Dilip Yande Art of Photography

Art of Photography
Mr. Dilip Yande shared his experience of more than 30 years in photography with students of the Applied art and Government photography batch on 20th October 2021. He explained to students about photography as an Art or Science. Dilip Sir guided students on how to observe, make a setup, and study the finer points while shooting a photograph. He also explained the difference between Indoor and outdoor photography. Students learned a lot from his experiences.

Mr. Akshay Kulkarni

The art of Commercial Photography
Mr. Akshay Kulkarni, alumni of the institute, a young and dynamic photographer was here on the 15th of November 2021 to introduce students to the field of commercial photography. He showcased his work in different streams like fashion, food, product, celebrity, and corporate photography. He explained the importance of portfolio development and the need for an all-rounder approach for an artist. This guidance also included how to build light, approach the clients, how to manage time, and be resourceful while doing professional photography.

Mr. Vaibhav Shirke

“How to create graphic icon logos in basic shapes”
Mr. Vaibhav Shirke is an alumni of Sir JJ School of Arts. He has worked with great companies such as UTV Toons, Cornershop Production, Phoebus creation media Pvt. Ltd and Future Thought; It’s been 18 years now that he is in this field. In 2007 started with his own studio call VSSTUDIOS Had started animation and digital training for upcoming students so they can get their aims clear for their future.His moto is to give happiness to students so they can enjoy their life.

Mr. Milind Potfode

This Ganesha Clay modeling workshop was conducted by Mr. Milind Potfode. He is an experienced versatile artist and alumni of the institute. He showcased his work and demonstrated finer details of the clay medium. He created a Ganesha idol with traditional clay starting from scratch to final model. In the process he explained the pros and cons of medium, how to handle it, care which should be taken while making a model. All the participants enjoyed the workshop.

Mr. Karl Gomes

Co Founder and Chief, Fanatics DotIn

After spending more than two decades in the advertising industry and exploring and excelling in its various nuances, Mr. Gomes has now started his own advertising agency with a unique vision, as he himself puts it, “to make things want people”.

Mr. Gomes has won various international awards like the Abby’s, Webby’s, Adfest and even Cannes and we at L S Raheja are proud and honoured to say that on the 15th, 17th, 22nd and 24th of this Month, Mr. Karl Gomes has agreed to have an online google meet session with the final year students of our Visual and Communication Department to guide them for their upcoming journey into the world of advertising.

Mr Raj Kamble

Applied Art

Mr Raj Kamble graduated from Sir JJ School if Applied Art and has done his alma mater proud!!

He has worked nationally and internationally with the best agencies and on the biggest brands and has cumulatively won 150 global awards including Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, the Andy Awards, Adfest and Art Directors Club. He has lectured at prestigious institutions all over the world and we are truly honoured that he will be with us tomorrow to guide our students and share his experiences with them.

Mr. Sachin Puthran

Founder and Director
Mr. Sachin Puthran is the proud founder and director of a leading digital creative agency Thatz it. He is comprehensive amalgamation of the Teacher, the Mentor, and the Creative Professional; Our students had a privilege to interact with Mr. Puthran where he briefly spoke about how will life change after Corona and what prospects budding designers will get post the pandemic. It was an interesting session.

Miss. Sharvari Sovani

Alumni Portfolio

Miss Sharvari is an ace UIUX designer and also an alumina of LS Raheja School of Art, Worli. Our students had a great experience to attend a workshop on Basics of UI UX. Miss Sharvari explained the importance of UIUX and also the job opportunities in the industry.

She has conducted guest lecture on career in adv.for 2nd year V&C students.

Mr. Puranjoy Gupta

What is Industry Today
Mr. Puranjoy Gupta is a photographer and also an alumni of L.S. Raheja School Of art Worli. It was a privilege for students to interact with Mr. Puranjoy. he briefly spoke about industrial and fashion photography. He also encouraged students on doing creative photography and told the importance of photography.

Mr. Vijayraj Bodhankar

Canvas with Artist
Mr. Bodhankar is a famous illustrator as well as an ace fine artist. It was like a dream come true for students when they got chance to meet Mr. Bodhankar. He shared his thoughts on editorial illustration, caricatures and paintings. He also explained how painting is different from illustration.

Mr. Rohan Wadke

Design the way of life
Mr. Rohan Wadke is an ace illustrator, a cag award winner and also an alumina of L.S. Raheja School of Art, Worli. MR. Wadke shared his journey from being an illustrator to working as a fashion illustrator. He showed his professional portfolio to our students and inspired them to work in the industry.

Ms. Deepali Jathar

Communication for Success
Ms. Deepali Jathar a well-known counselor spoke to the students about how to be presentable while interacting with people. She gave few tips and tricks to our students on communication skills. This will help boost the confidence of our students.

Prof. Neelima Jadhav

Copy Writing
Nilima Vartak is a well-known name in education industry. Our students had a privilege to attend two days workshop on copywriting held by her. Her workshop comprised of importance of copywriting and well as its use in applied art. It was a very informative and an interactive session.

Mr. Vinod Mahabale

Calligraphy Workshop
Vinod Mahabale is a well known Calligrapher. It was a moment of pride for our students to attend his lecture. He spoke and also demonstrated calligraphic layout as well as expressive calligraphy. He also told the students the importance of stroke. It was a visual treat to see the demonstrations.


Founder of “Chakli Art”

Mehek Purohit is the founder of Chakli Art, an artist by passion and profession. She is our student. Who has won multiple awards for Chakli Art in the year 2019 which gave her recognition in the industry for her amazing work and made her establish specifically on digital platforms with strong social media and marketing techniques.

Mehek says , Social Media Industry which is going to grow more and will become the most important part of any organization. Social media is of great importance in today’s generation to convey information and guide responsibility in social media.

Siddhesh Sapte


Siddhesh Sapte who is known by his stage name NME is a renowned graffiti artist who has mesmerized the world with his amazing graffiti skills, calligraphy and creative paintings. We are proud that Siddhesh who is our student talked about, Thought and process of Graffiti, what advance material students can use, Its detailed information was given to the students.

Pathika Sampat

CTC Fashion

Pathika Sampat is an entrepreneur who has used her academics to fuel a bright future for her. Trained in every aspect of the garment industry, she specializes in all types of embroideries and was able to guide our students in various embroidery techniques.

Aparna Seth

CTC Fashion
Aparna Seth has a very nice experience in training students for creative products and she has been conducting Pidilite sessions with our students where they learn various types of decoupage techniques, printing techniques and colouring skills and learn various mediums as well.

Mangesh Someshwar

3rd Year

Lecture and interactive session on Campaign Planning and Ideation was held by Mr. Mangesh Someshwar for the students of 3rd year.

Manohar Desai

Calligraphy 2nd Year

Students of 2nd year got an opportunity to see demonstration and attend workshop on Calligraphy by Mr. Manohar Desai. There was a two day workshop on the subject.

Vijay Bodhankar

Illustrator 2nd Year

Students of L. S Raheja School of Art were truly privileged to witness a demonstration and participate in a workshop by an ace illustrator, Mr. Vijayraj Bodhankar. His work and energy is mesmerizing! Our students were much inspired by his encouraging words. An experience worth remembering!

Neha Gharat

Photography 2nd Year

An unforgettable experience of Meeting Ms Neha Gharat, a Food Stylist and a Photographer. Ms Neha guiding students to explore different aspects and experiments in the subject!

Mr. Chetan Patil & Mrs. Prajyoti Chetan

3rd Year

We had with us one of the most talented and Creative couple Mr. Chetan Patil and Mrs. Prajyoti Chetan with us. An interactive session was planned with our Final year students on ‘Motion Graphics’, a new thought for our students.

Saurabh Karandikar

3rd Year

A lecture on UI UX and importance of didgital industry by Mr. Saurabh Karandikar for the students of 3rd year.

Sarang Kulkarni

2nd Year

A lecture on typography held for students of second year by an ace typographer Mr. Sarang Kulkarni.


Fashion Workshops

A year long commitment with Pidilite helps our students learn various techniques that they can apply on garments and accessories. Through these workshops they elevate their art and design skills.

Weavers Service Centre

Fashion Workshops

Our students annually attend the workshops conducted by the Weavers Centre where they are taught dyeing and printing. A hands on learning experience.

Ranjita Raut

Fashion Blogging

Ranjita Raut, a noteworthy blogger took the students through the various nuances of fashion blogging.

Priya Vajani

Fashion Styling

A simple garment, if styled right has the potential to be an eye catcher! Ms Vajani, seasoned stylist, guided the students through the various aspects of styling, opening up another career prospect for them.

Akshata Morye

Make up

A make up workshop to enhance the appearance of our students so they can confidently capture the world!

Film Costume Designing

Fashion Guest Lectures

Mr Shekhar Sartandel took our students through the exciting world of film costumes. The students were truly enthralled!

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